Water Sports on Norris Lake

Norris Lake is the perfect place for any family member to try out a new water sport. The lake is flowing with activities to do on its 880 miles of beautiful shoreline. Try your hand at some of the popular sports like wakeboarding, skiing and tubing. You may also like jet skiing, knee boarding, wake surfing, air chair skiing, and stand-up paddleboading. These competitive or casual water sports are the perfect family bonding element to throw into your next trip to Norris Lake.

Wakeboarding is the water child of several sports intertwined together and has been made into what it is popularly known to be today. In 1985, surfer Tony Finn created the Skurfer, a hybrid of the water ski and the surfboard. This little surfboard was pulled by a boat while the rider performed tricks and moves on the wake created behind the boat. Later in the year, foot straps were added to the board, integrating a snowboarding aspect. The foot straps allowed for the rider to create bigger air and perform cooler tricks, without losing the board. A boat ride down Norris Lake will inevitably lead to seeing this popular sport.

Air chair skiing, also known as sit-down hydrofoiling, was first developed in the late 1980s and was first sold in 1990. This water sport is definitely one of the more unusual and head-turning sports on the lake. Unlike water skiing and wakeboarding, the air chair skier’s body is above the water. Small movements on the air chair create big reactions. Try your hand at this unusual sport during your next trip to Norris Lake!

Water tubing is the perfect sport for riders of all ages. Tubing can be either leisurely or competitive, but is always a good time. Grab your friends and tubes and see who the last man standing is after hitting some waves and big donuts. This water sport is great for kids and beginners, and is a guaranteed hit!

Make your next trip to Norris Lake laughably memorable with one of these great water sports that can be passed along from one generation to the next!