Water at Norris Lake

This time of year is one of the best to be on Norris Lake! Water levels are at its highest elevation, today measuring at 1015.5 feet and water temperatures at 80F. This makes for great water! Higher shorelines cover up the debris covered banks and give you a clean and picturesque view of the gorgeous lake and homes. Don’t miss out on the best time to be on the lake, whether it’s up close, boating or fishing on the water, or enjoying the panoramic view from your lake home’s porch!

Water levels on Norris Lake are controlled by the Norris Dam, which was the first project taken on by the Tennessee Valley Authority, or the TVA. Norris Lake was created because of the Norris Dam. Construction on the $36,000,000 hydroelectric facility began in 1933 and was completed in 1936. Norris Lake flows 73 miles up the Clinch River and 56 miles up the Powell River. It is 265 feet high and nearly 1,860 feet across the Clinch River. Norris Dam’s primary purpose for creation was to control flooding issues, and is still used for that purpose today.