Norris Dam Celebrates 80th Anniversary

This year marks the 80th birthday of the Norris Dam! During the Norris Dam’s construction, it was one of the largest of its time and brought protection to downstream communities from horrific floods, and also provided affordable power to the rural communities located near the dam. Its completion in 1936 also allowed for the industrialization of the surrounding cities. Boldly displayed above the massive entrance are the words “Built For The People of the United States of America”, signifying its importance to the community.

To celebrate its birthday, the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) planned a two-day event during the last weekend of July on the 29th and 30th. Activities included tours of the dam and powerhouse, food, live music, 8k Big Dam Race, interactive displays with fisheries biologists and archeologists, and much more. All activities were free and open to the public. This public event was centered around Norris to kickoff a year of recognizing all the dams that the TVA has built. Laura Roosevelt, granddaughter of President Roosevelt, was also in attendance to help celebrate Norris Dam’s birthday. The TVA was one of President Roosevelt’s most innovative solutions to help lift the nation out of the Great Depression.

Without the Norris Dam, we would not be able to enjoy the beautiful water and sights of Norris Lake!