Mortgage Rates at All-Time Low

According to CNN Money, 2016 is the year to buy a home! Mortgage rates have been at all- time lows, with the rate on a popular 30-year fixed loan being below 4 percent all year. Home loans have not been this low in almost 3 years. Waiting to buy your perfect vacation home on Norris Lake will allow for mortgage and interest rates to go up, while also letting home values increase, as well. Additionally, renting prices are expected to continue to climb, which means buying your next home can be cheaper than renting. Chief economist at stated, “You are likely to get the best rate you will possibly see, perhaps in your lifetimes through the majority of next year [2016], but certainly, the earlier the better.”

So don’t wait. Make 2016 the year that you buy your dream vacation home! Buying your Norris Lake home now will keep mortgage and interest rates down, while also building equity as home values are rising.

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